Judges’ Top Tips

Oliver Lees | Head of Insight – Space 48

  1. Show clear and tangible results

When writing your awards entry, be clear and concise with your answer. The most important thing we are looking at as judges is how your project met the objectives, the creativity and innovation behind what you did and how effective the implementation was, demonstrating results that matter. As you can imagine, we receive a lot of entries to look through, so to stand out and get our attention, don’t waffle and provide us with what we are looking for. 

  1. Proofread

You don’t want to submit an amazing award entry but have the spelling and grammar let you down. Ensure you proofread your entry before submitting it. It’s also best to get more than one pair of eyes on it too. Ask a team mate to check over the submission as you may have forgotten some important and interesting information that could get your entry more attention. 

  1. Take a look at previous entries and winners 

If you’re sure you want to enter the awards but aren’t sure which of your projects or campaigns to submit, take a look at our previous winners. Then do some research on the brand and campaign. It will help you decide on which of your campaigns is award-worthy if you need some guidance.

Paul Rogers | Vervaunt

Make sure you include any examplesof uplifts in key performance areas, such as CR%, basket value, returns rates, lifetime value and repeat purchase rates.

Thomas J. Vosper | Pricesearcher

A scalable production line to deliver the plan. Good execution, but responsiveto be flexible when needed.

Brian Sheldon | Nublue

The winners of these awards will present engaging, clear entries that drive visitors through to conversion.

Paul Kavanagh | Beehive Research

The entry must demonstrate clear evidence of financial retail success coupled to an exceptional customer experience, not only in the web user experience but also in customer service. Additional evidence of innovation, sustainability, and limitation of any environmental impact would also differentiate the entry.