Our three wins was rounded off with the Silver Award for the UK Ecommerce Large Agency of the Year – a fantastic achievement as this was the first year we qualified to enter the ‘Large’ category. This was made possible following a remarkable increase in our clients, revenue and staff in 2021. 

Entering and winning awards such as the UK Ecommerce Awards brings with it multiple benefits. First, we get to review and recap on a year’s worth of work for a client, to see just how far they’ve come. It’s great to take stock and appreciate all that we’ve achieved together. It’s a fantastic feeling to acknowledge all of the long hours, hard work and problem-solving solutions we’ve accomplished along the way. 

Secondly, we know that our team of developers are world class. And we know that our account managers and project managers are at the very top of their game. Winning multiple awards gives our team the public recognition and praise that they deserve. It gives us the ability for us to shout from the rooftops about our ecommerce prowess. Our clients are excited to be working with an award-winning company, and it gets us on the radar of future clients. Fluid Commerce


“We are thrilled to be recognised for our work in delivering a first class ecommerce platform for Matthew Clark. The awards validate our ability to deliver enterprise class eCommerce solutions that enable our clients to extend their ecommerce platform far beyond just selling online and we look forward to deepening our strategic relationship with Matthew Clark as we continue to help them deliver their fast moving and constantly evolving digital strategy.”
Andrew Robathan, Managing Director of eCommerce, Truecommerce Europe

“Winning a UK eCommerce Award has been great for Craghoppers. Internally, it’s been great for the team to be recognised for all their hard work put in over the last 12 months. Externally, it’s prompted some great feedback and opened up some fantastic conversations with other great businesses.”
Alex Wall, eCommerce Marketing Manager, Craghoppers

“Since winning the B2B eCommerce Site of the Year, Whispering Smith have solidified their business as a key player in international wholesale fashion market. With the support of Fluid Digital and the award win, they have seen an increase in overall quality website traffic, attracting the possibility of new business from emerging fashion retailers and established fashion brands alike.”
Joshua Hobson, Marketing Manager, Fluid Digital

“We are thrilled to have won UK eCommerce In-House Team of the Year Award 2019 as part of a phenomenal year for us. We have grown our team, grown engagement, created an agile change programme and developed a true omni-channel way of working. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved and feel winning this award has been the best way for Matalan’s eCommerce team to celebrate.”
Paul Hornby, Director of eCommerce, Matalan