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Pioneering the World’s First eGold Rewards

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Published Date 12.09.2023
Rana Mukherji – Founder & CEO

Celebrating Our Triumph as Finalists!

We are absolutely thrilled to share the exhilarating news that Goldbck has achieved a momentous milestone by being named a finalist in the highly prestigious UK eCommerce Awards. In particular, our recognition shines brightly in the category of “ECOMMERCE STARTUP WEBSITE OF THE YEAR.” This outstanding achievement not only signifies our unwavering dedication to innovation but also marks a groundbreaking moment in the world of loyalty and alternative payment infrastructure. We’re honored to introduce you to the world’s first and one-of-a-kind eGold Rewards.

Pioneering eGold Rewards and a Revolution in Payment Infrastructure

From its inception, Goldbck has held an unwavering vision – to redefine the landscape of loyalty and reward programs. We’ve firmly believed that loyalty should be genuinely rewarding for customers while providing businesses with a powerful tool to engage and retain their audience.

Our selection as a finalist in the UK eCommerce Awards highlights our groundbreaking work in two transformative areas:

1. eGold Rewards – Real Benefits for Customers:

At the heart of our platform lies the revolutionary eGold Rewards program. We’ve engineered a digital loyalty system that enables customers to accumulate eGold points with each transaction they make. These eGold points transcend mere numbers; they represent real, tangible gold. Customers can then redeem these points for a diverse array of rewards, from more gold to gift cards and exclusive deals. We’re fundamentally altering the concept of loyalty points by giving them inherent value.

2. Innovative Payment Infrastructure:

Beyond revolutionizing loyalty programs, we’ve introduced an innovative Visa prepaid card. This card seamlessly fuses digital loyalty with real-world payments, allowing customers to spend their eGold points just like cash at any merchant that accepts Visa. It’s an ingenious stride that bridges the gap between digital rewards and practical, everyday use.

What This Recognition Means to Us

Our inclusion as a finalist in the UK eCommerce Awards represents far more than just a laurel on our journey. It’s a validation of our visionary approach and the dedication of our entire team. It signifies the profound importance of our mission to make loyalty programs genuinely rewarding for consumers and businesses.

Our Founder & CEO, Rana Mukherji, shared his thoughts on this remarkable achievement: “Being named a finalist in the UK eCommerce Awards is a momentous milestone for us. It’s a testament to the dedication and innovation that drive Goldbck. This recognition fuels our determination to push the boundaries further and deliver even greater value to our users.”

Unveiling Goldbck’s eGold Rewards Program: A Revolution in Loyalty

We are ecstatic that our eGold Rewards program has caught your attention. This program forms the cornerstone of Goldbck’s uniqueness, and we are eager to delve deeper into its intricacies.

Real Value for Customers:

Our eGold Rewards program is meticulously designed to provide customers with tangible and enduring value. Each eGold point earned represents a fraction of real gold, a precious asset that has been cherished for centuries. This means that our customers are not merely accumulating points; they are accumulating genuine wealth.


Unlike traditional loyalty points that may depreciate or expire, eGold maintains its value over time. Gold is an enduring and finite resource, ensuring that our customers’ rewards remain as valuable today as they will be in the future.

A Win-Win Proposition:

We wholeheartedly believe that loyalty should be a mutually beneficial endeavor for both customers and businesses. With eGold Rewards, customers gain access to a distinctive and valuable rewards program, while businesses can effectively attract and retain customers. It’s a mutually advantageous scenario that underpins our approach to loyalty.

The Future of eGold Rewards: Transforming Loyalty Programs Worldwide

We share your enthusiasm for the vast potential of eGold Rewards. Our team is dedicated to continually enhancing and expanding this program, making it even more rewarding for our users. We envision eGold Rewards as a catalyst for revolutionizing the global landscape of loyalty programs.

Join Us on Our Remarkable Journey

As we eagerly anticipate the UK eCommerce Awards, we look forward to witnessing how Goldbck’s journey unfolds in the future. We extend a warm invitation to you to join us on this remarkable adventure. Whether you’re a business seeking innovative loyalty solutions or a consumer looking for a better way to be rewarded for your loyalty, Goldbck is here to exceed your expectations.

Thank you for your invaluable support, and stay tuned for more exciting updates from Goldbck!

To explore our platform and stay updated with our journey, please visit our website and follow us on our social channels. You can also find us on the UK eCommerce Awards website.

For inquiries, potential partnerships, or additional information, please feel free to contact us.

Founder & CEO

Rana Mukherji | LinkedIn


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