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Cartridge People shortlisted for the UK eCommerce awards

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Published Date 17.10.2022

Cartridge People Testimonial

Since 2001, here at Cartridge People we’ve been providing UK businesses with fantastic deals on printer consumables and office supplies. Our target audience includes consumers, businesses and local authorities.

In 2021 we set about growing our brand, with a huge part of the strategy focused on increasing organic traffic to the website. Our ultimate aim was to grow the Cartridge People brand and to provide customers with a seamless, user-friendly and more personalised experience on our website.

The result of this hard work and planning has been outstanding, with Cartridge People becoming a thriving company in a very competitive niche. We feel that now it’s time to start sharing our success in ecommerce and to recognise the hugely significant milestones we keep reaching as a brand.

Through our innovation and expertise, the success that we’ve achieved is evidenced by the fact that Cartridge People consistently receives amazing online reviews. It’s a success that we would like to share with our ever-expanding team here in Cheshire.

To win an award would mean the world to our company and be a real credit to our staff in light of all of their hard work. It would also offer an excellent opportunity to help us grow the brand even further.

Nominated Work

The work that we’ve done to continually improve the customer experience on the website can be categorised into the following areas: implementation, innovation, conversion and creativity.

Here at Cartridge People, we’ve implemented the following improvements:

First of all, we’ve improved basket cross sell and upsell messages, in order to recommend related products to customers that they may also be interested in. Adding ‘PayPal Pay in 3’ functionality has helped to ease potential customer cash flow issues throughout the pandemic. Our business account functionality was also launched, allowing customers (and customer service), to pay with a business invoice on behalf of our customers.

In terms of security, we’ve now introduced a more secure checkout (3DS 2.0). Our new login authentication system also helps to reassure customers that Cartridge People is a trustworthy place to buy printer consumables and office supplies.

Email newsletter sign up blocks have now been added to blog posts, so that potentially interested customers can easily find out more about the products that we offer. Similarly, we’ve added ‘Email me when back in stock’ functionality to out of stock products, for added convenience.

We’ve also introduced a printer filtering system to help customers find the printer they need quickly. Finally, a variety of page speed improvements, including setting up off screen images to lazy load, have helped to improve the customer experience on the website.

• Implemented Google Tag Manager.

Here at Cartridge People, we continue to innovate and improve the onsite experience for our customers.

Our “Printer App” can now capture and store multiple printers in the customer’s account. This allows us to provide personalised messages to the customer via email and website personalisation.

Also, images now load on demand and we no longer load all of the images on a page before we render it. We only load the images above the fold. As a customer scrolls down the page, we then load the required images. This improves page load times and perceived speed, providing a quicker, more responsive user experience.

Finally, we’ve also added FAQ schema to our written content to enable Google to help us answer customers’ questions about the products that we carry. This helps to further illustrate that Cartridge People is a reliable source of information when it comes to printers, printer consumables and office supplies.

Next up, we’ve made the following improvements to help convert website visitors into customers.

Our Switch, Save, Secure messaging has helped to explain to customers the saving they can make if they choose to switch from original (OEM) products to our wide range of Cartridge People Own Brand compatible products.

We’ve also added easy-to-bundle printer warranties, for added reassurance. When buying a printer, our “add to basket” pop-up suggests relevant add-on products to the customer, such as cables, cartridges and paper. Similarly, related printer accessories have been added to the printer product pages. For ease of use, we’ve also introduced our home page printer finder, so that customers can find the products they need more quickly. Additional helpful information about printers, such as the type of consumable it takes and what type of printer it is, has been added too. Lastly, we’ve increased our stationery and office supplies range, so that it now includes over 4000 products.

● Paper switch & save.

Creativity is an important part of the work we’ve done to grow Cartridge People as a brand.

Our new Stationery & Office Supplies landing page includes an alphabetically organised navigation bar, as well as graphically represented categories. We’ve also created printable downloadable content for the blog, to help visitors access useful printing resources, including printer test pages. Our Cartridge People TV advert launched on major UK channels and on demand services, to further increase brand awareness.

Also, we added a “Click for Help” widget to enable easier customer self-service and to ensure that they can resolve any issues more quickly. We’ve also created a new version of the order confirmation email, along with other transactional emails which have been updated to be more “on brand.”

Cartridge People holds all the ingredients of a smooth eCommerce experience, fulfilling customer needs in their journey to purchase their printer consumables as quickly and easily as possible.

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