The Conference

The UK eCommerce Conference & Awards is a one-day symposium bringing together retail leaders, innovators and change-makers who are shaping the future of eCommerce.

Getting eCommerce right provides retailers with an unparalleled opportunity to dominate their niche, delight their customers and deliver profitable retail business. It requires the smart application of tech, carefully considered user experience, and thorough scrutiny of data for decision making.

On the 25th of March 2020, the UK eCommerce Conference & Awards is bringing together leaders in these areas with the single purpose to help you get these processes right, first time. From the ambitious small-scale startups to the heavy-weight champions, this event promises to give you the answers you need to succeed in eCommerce.

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Time Agenda
9:30 Registration
10:00 eCommerce in 2020 — Welcome
Jon Woodall, Managing Director, Space 48
10:10 Keynote Presentation
Wendy Shand, Founder & Director, Tots to Travel
10:40 What’s the best eCommerce platform for my business?
James Gurd, Independent eCommerce ConsultantTalk Synopsis: No platform is 100% perfect for any business. You need a sensible process to evaluate what type of platform fits well with your operational needs. Don’t be seduced by buzzwords like Headless until you understand the implications for your business. Every investment brings with it a set of problems and compromises: you need to agree what issues you’re willing to pay for & why. Get insights from real-world replatforming projects to help you understand how to evaluate platforms and match them back to your specific needs.
11:00 Accelerating your eCommerce with CX
Daniel Alb, Head of UX, SmartBox
11:20 Refreshment Break
11:40 Data Management Tech Solution
Barry Thorn, Akeneo
11:55 Panel Discussion
with Space 48, Cox and Cox and ParcelHub
12:40 Are we all addicted to spending too much with Google and Facebook? Are you ignoring profitable new channels?
John Readman, Founder & CEO, Modo25
13:00 Lunch Break
13:50 Key Trends in Personalised User Experiences for Fashion and Beauty: Top Trends for 2020
Max Wilkinson,
NostoTalk Synopsis:This talk aims to show you how to leverage personalisation to improve the customer journey. In this, we will cover three key data points and three predictions. Secondly, we will look at how to utilise UGC and Influencers to improve the customer journey, supported by three more data points and predictions for the future.
14:05 Are We Moving Too Fast? and Trading Depot
14:20 Content Management & eCommerce
Bea Hopkins, Turtle Mat & Al Keck, InfinityNation
14:40 Refreshment Break
15:00 The dangers of data-driven e-commerce
Gareth Dunlop, CEO & Founder, FathomTalk Synopsis:- The term data driven has become a mantra in the digital industry but falls short in building up the big picture of what matters to customer

– Data is a means to an end – that end being knowing your customer – so we must be customer driven – this involves getting out of the safety of analytics tools and to understand the human stories and motivations behind the numbers

– Case studies from e-commerce, travel, B2B, lead-gen and public services showing how the data needs to be married real-life customer and user-interactions to unlock design challenges will be shared.

15:20 Presentation
Mayra Stevens, Ometria
15:40 Keynote Presentation
Speaker To Be Announced
16:00 Conference Close


To get your eCommerce where you need to be, the UK eCommerce Conference & Awards gives you complete access to a jam-packed agenda full of interactive panels and well-known speakers who deliver the latest insights to boost your eCommerce.

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